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  • Gustavo Ortega B.A. ZIgnum Mezcal (Giudice Tecnico)
  • Francesco Aversano - Responsabile Mavi Drink
  • Marco Emanuele Muraca - General Manager presso Beverfood.com Edizioni Srl
  • Karina Valenzano - B.A. ZIgnum Mezcal
  • Francesco Avallone - Responsabile Mavi Drink


Mixologist Gustavo Ortega-Oyarzun grew up in Celaya, Mexico, where he learned at an early age from helping his mother cook, the importance of using the best and freshest ingredients from her garden. She would explain every element as she added it and describe what it brought to the dish. From this he learned how to balance and enhance flavors.

In college Gustavo majored in architecture and interior design. After college he worked for Sabores Mexico where he collaborated with restaurants in NYC to create and educate people about the true food and flavors of Mexico. This was the beginning of his cocktail career. He started encouraging bartenders to use only the freshest juices and ingredients, and to experiment with different flavors. Then in 2012, he formed The Art of Drink specializing in combining agave spirits with the flavors of his native land. His creations aren't just limited to sweet, sour, and bitter. Instead they more resemble Mexican candy including sweet, sour, bitter, spice, smokiness, and umami.

Upon creating a new cocktail he relies on his architecture eduction and his love of food. The spirit is the platform, the frame is created by the juices and liquors, the sugar/spice are the layout, and the finishing touches are the decor.

Currently he is the Mixologist for "La Cava del Tequila" at Disney's Epcot Center in the Mexican Pavillion, in New York he is the Beverage Director for Jorge Guzman Hospitality Group which includes The BLACK ANT, OFRENDA, GARDENIA and TEMERARIO, He has worked in many fine restaurants such as The Gorbals, Macondo, Mesa Coyoacan, Vamos!, Fonda Restaurants, etc. And create cocktails for International events for "United Nations", “Kitchesurfing” and “FoodStand," and now can be found tinkering behind the bar at The Black Ant.